Blue Stallion Sharpening

Blue Stallion Sharpening provides quality products, equipment and supplies to the animal grooming and hair stylist industry.
I live in the rolling country side of Carroll County, Maryland, USA with my supportive wife; and our horses, dog and cats.

I started Blue Stallion Sharpening after I sharpened some clipper blades for a friend and enjoyed the challenge, process and result. Back then, I did a good enough job, but I soon found out that good enough wasn't..good enough. I now have the most advanced automatic clipper blade sharpener and the best flat hone on the market. I'm one of a few sharpening services that uses an ultrasonic cleaner for clipper blades.

Over the years I've developed my local business and I have a very loyal customers. With I'm able to serve my current customers in a new way and offer my high end collection of equipment, products and services - to you.

If you are looking for an item not listed in my vendor list just email me and I will get you a price for that item if available.

Thank you for visiting Blue Stallion Sharpening. Please let me know any comments, feedback or questions - I'm here to help.