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Andis SMC Switch Buton

Button covers 5 spd switch

Our Price: $0.50
Andis Blade Lock

Our Price: $1.25
Andis Blade Spring

Our Price: $1.60
Andis Blade Socket

Our Price: $2.35
Wahl 5 in 1 Replacement Platform

When the tab breaks on the back of the blade this is the replacement.  You will need a small torks wrench to replace.

Our Price: $3.00
Andis Blade Drive

Used for all Andis detachable blade clippers

Our Price: $5.50
Metro Vac Filter pack (3)

Replacement filter for master blaster and TT 2X4

Our Price: $5.55
K9 Filter

Prefilter for K9 Dryers

Our Price: $5.80
Oster Volt Blade Lock

Our Price: $5.95
Metro Filter

Our Price: $6.15
GO grey housing set

Outliner housing case with switch and hair seal

Our Price: $6.25
Oster A5 Hinge

Our Price: $7.95
Andis Replacement Ceramic Cutter Coarse

For all blades larger than 40

Our Price: $10.95
Andis Replacement Ceramic Cutter Medium

For 40 blade

Our Price: $10.95
Andis BG Model Cord

Our Price: $11.50
Andis AGC Cord

Square end

Our Price: $11.50
Andis AG Cord

Round end

Our Price: $11.50
Andis SMC Switch

Our Price: $11.95
Wahl KM2 cord

Our Price: $11.95
Andis AG2 Super Switch

Our Price: $15.10
Andis T-Liner Coil

Armature and field assy.

Our Price: $18.90
Metro 4HP Motor Brush

Fits 4HP motor from Metro and Electric Cleaner Co

Our Price: $19.95
Oster Volt Hinge

Our Price: $24.95
Andis Power Groom Cord Pack

Fits all AGRC clippers

Our Price: $32.95
Wahl ARCO Replacement Battery

Arco replacement battery

Our Price: $34.95